About Polynook

What is Polynook?

Polynook is a website dedicated to game development and everything related to it. I created this website to share my existing knowledge and resources with both aspiring and seasoned game developers, as well as the new insights I acquire and new products I develop as I go through the path of game development myself.

What authority do you have in the field of game development?

I have no formal game development related education. My academic degree is in the field of medicine. Before 2013, when my first foray into game development came about, I knew nothing about how games were made. My brother and I started a hobby project — a simple mobile puzzle game where you had to connect pipes to complete a level. We released it on Google Play store and, unfortunately, abandoned it not so long after because of life commitments. During the following years, we dabbled a little into a couple of other small game projects but neither saw the light of day. Then, 2019 came around, and we began working on a brand new game. The progress has been steady so far, and it is heading in the right direction. Since then, I’ve learned a few tricks about making games and I’d love to share them with other people the way numerous outstanding people on the internet, complete strangers, from amateurs to professionals, unequivocally share theirs.

I’m a firm believer in the saying “Actions speak louder than words (on your diploma).” Therefore, I don’t think you need to major in a game development degree in order for the knowledge you have to be useful for someone else. Are you a top-tier professional but forgot how to do a trivial but specific task? A quick search on the web might land you on a blog of a newbie who has just learned how to accomplish this and decided to write a detailed post on the topic. A quick glance into his instructions rings a bell in your brain and you remember how to do it, or maybe even learn a novel way to achieve the same result. Or, are you a complete beginner and don’t know how to complete a certain task? Then, a researched post from another neophyte about the same topic will teach you a lot, despite the fact that they are also a beginner. Remember, in order to teach and be a useful source of knowledge, you need to know more than your student. No matter how little, if you know more, you might as well be a tenured professor to your pupil. Therefore, I do believe that everyone will find value in what they see on Polynook.

What can I expect to find on Polynook?

You can expect several types of resources all dedicated to making game development easier and more enjoyable:

  • Tutorials for Unity and Blender
  • Tools for Unity and Blender that I make for myself to improve game development experience
  • Blog posts about game development in general
  • Successful and failed attempts at humor