This documentation will help you become familiar with and start using PACKED Data Manager.

The documentation is organized in a linear fashion, making it easy to read from start to finish. At the end of each page, you will find a "Next" card that points you to the next topic. You can also use the links in the sidebar on the left of the screen and the table of contents on the right of the screen to navigate the documentation as a reference.

For best results, I strongly suggest reading the documentation linearly, including at least the Concepts section. The Concepts section contains important information about the terms used in the add-on, as well as an overview of the different components and their features. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts in PACKED Data Manager, allowing you to use the documentation as a reference for information about specific features later.

On the other hand, PACKED Data Manager is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Most interactable UI elements of the add-on in Blender has a descriptive tooltip, so if you prefer hands-on exploration over reading, feel free to jump right in and start using the add-on.

What is PACKED Data Manager

PACKED Data Manager is an add-on for Blender that provides inspection, filtering, selection, and modification tools for Blender's Data-Blocks and their data.

For a brief overview of some of its features, see the front page or keep reading the documentation to get a more in depth understanding.

What is PACKED

PACKED is short for Polynook Asset Creation ToolKit for Expedited Development. It is an umbrella name for a suite of add-ons for Blender digital content creation software. PACKED Data Manager is one of the add-ons from the PACKED family.

PACKED add-ons extend Blender's functionality in ways that:

  • Make Blender procedures take less effort to execute.
  • Enable new functionality not present in Blender.

PACKED Data Manager is the first entry in the PACKED family of add-ons.