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A powerful data manager addon for Blender
Streamline your workflow, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on your creativity. You'll be able to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a more productive, stress-free Blender experience.

PACKED Data Manager

See It in Action

This video introduces the core concepts of PACKED Data Manager and demonstrates a few situations where the addon can save you a lot of hassle and time making your experience in Blender that much more enjoyable.

Core Features
At a Glance

Inspect, Filter, Select, and Manipulate Blender Data

Choose From Dozens of Data Types

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Hundreds of Filters

Filter Data by Their Properties

Filter feature provides hundreds of filters and millions of possible combinations you can apply to Blender data. Filter either by built-in Blender data properties or use custom crafted filters with unique behaviors.

Built-In Properties

Filter by many Blender data properties you can find in vanilla Blender property panels.

Custom Properties

Filter by custom made properties that are not available on vanilla Blender data.

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Hundreds of Operations

Execute Operations on Filtered Data

Batch execute hundreds of operations for each of the dozens of data types, be it Object, Mesh, UV Map, Custom Property, Driver Variable, F-Curve, or other.

Built-In Property Operations

Change almost any built-in property of any Blender data type.

Custom Operations

Execute unique operations custom-made for different data type.

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Operation Reports

Inspect detailed reports

Operation reports provide exhaustive information about what effect an executed operation had on each data item, indicating whether the operation succeeded, succeeded but with certain limitations, or failed.

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Custom Operations
At a Glance

Most Data Types

Rename Anything

Mold the name of any Data Type to fit your own preference. Either use the simple name matching, or use regular expressions to pinpoint the exact parts to replace with a static text, or a dynamic Blender data value determined by its relative or absolute RNA path.


Replace the old name with a new one either using simple name matching or regular expression matching.


Add a number or a letter to the name based on item's order in the list. Add it as a prefix, as a suffix, or in any place of the name by utilizing the regular expression mode.

Change Case

Change the naming style convention of most supported Data Types to match your own. Never have mismatching name styles in your workflow.

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Any Data Type

Link to Collection

Link objects to any collection either in the currently active scene, in all scenes of the Blend file, or in your preferred choice of Scenes, based on their data.

In this example, we have two Material items enabled in the list. We can use the Link To Collection operation to quickly find and link to a new Collection all Objects that use at least one of these Materials.
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Dozens of Data Types

Quick Select in the Viewport

Quickly select in the active view layer those objects which use, or are part of, a selected Data Type.

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UV Layers, Modifiers & Constraints

Rearrange UV layers, Modifiers, and Constraints

Move UV layers, Modifiers, or Constraints up, down, or to a position at an index on any number of meshes all at once.

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Asset Tags, Custom Properties, Material Slots, UV Maps, Vertex Groups

Add New Data

Batch add data, such as Asset Tags, Custom Properties, Material Slots, UV Maps, Vertex Groups, to multiple objects all at once.

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Take a selection of objects and arrange them in a grid.

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And many more...

This only scratches the surface of what is currently possible with PACKED Data Manager and what will be possible in the future releases.

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