Link to Collection


Link to a Collection those Objects that can be derived from the list item data.

In this example, we have two Material items enabled in the list. We can use the Link To Collection operation to quickly find and link to a new Collection all Objects that use at least one of these Materials.


  • In Scenes — whether to link to a collection in the currently active scene or in all scenes in the Blend file.
  • Target Collection
  • Collection Name (available if Target Collection is not Scene Collection) — specify a collection name to link to.
    • If left empty, a new collection will be created with a default name Collection.
    • if name is provided and a collection with this name already exists, the already existing collection will be used to link objects to.
    • if a name is provided and a collection with such name does not exist, a new collection with this name will be created.
  • Unlink from Other Collection

Supported Data Types

Operation is supported for:

  • Action
  • Animation Data
  • Asset Meta Data
  • Attribute
  • Armature
  • Bone
  • Bone (Edit)
  • Bone (Pose)
  • Camera
  • Collection
  • Constraint
  • Curve
  • Custom Property
  • Driver
  • Driver Variable
  • F-Curve
  • F-Modifier
  • Grease Pencil
  • Hair
  • Lattice
  • Library Override
  • Library Override Property
  • Light
  • Light Probe
  • Material
  • Material Slot
  • Mesh
  • Metaball
  • Modifier
  • NLA Strips
  • NLA Tracks
  • Object
  • Scene
  • Sound
  • Speaker
  • UV Map
  • Vertex Group
  • View Layer
  • Volume