Set Active


Set Active a Data Type item in their parent item. For example, Collections and Objects can be set active in View Layers, whereas Worlds can be set active in Scenes.

Collection, Object, World

Items can be set active in:

  • Active — Active parent item.
  • Global — All parent items in the Blend file.

Attribute, Material Slot, UV Map, Vertex Group


  • Highlighted in the list
  • Enabled in the list
  • Index — set active the item which is at a specified index on the parent data. E.g., if a mesh as 3 UV Maps, and you specify the index 0, the first UV Map of the 3 will be set active.


Switches the currently active scene.

Supported Data Types

Operation is supported for:

  • Attribute
  • Collection
  • Material Slot
  • Object
  • Scene
  • UV Map
  • Vertex Group
  • World